The FAST Pathways E-Courses

If you're new to FAST Pathways, 5 Days to Stress-Less is a great introduction.

It takes only 15 minutes a day.  Delivered straight to your inbox, each day you'll receive and audio or video, guiding you step-by-step through each powerful technique.

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Each FAST Pathways course module has an on-line guide book, and a comprehensive collection of bite-sized audio and video exercises, taking you step by step through each liberating technique.  You set you own pace.

There are no on going subscription or membership fees - for a one-off payment of £85 per module, you'll have access to all of your FAST Pathways content, for good.

Click on the links below to explore each FAST Pathways Module

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Make FAST Pathways your gateway to the freedom you deserve from disruptive stress and anxiety