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Have you ever noticed how much of your thinking doesn’t make sense?  Things like worrying away, stressing out, or getting in a flap about something which should be a breeze?  Your mind’s auto-pilot can easily pick up these patterns by accident – and it’ll keep on running them, even when they’re not helping. 

But imagine, that by taking just a few minutes every now and again, you can start to re-code those patterns; switching off disruptive stress and anxity, so you experience more of the useful stresses - the ones which give you energy, instead of draining it away.

Because powerful change doesn't need to take time, effort or willpower

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn in this course

  • Why so much of your thinking doesn’t make sense
  • The dangers of ‘Don’t’:  How to direct your mind’s full power towards what you really want
  • How to notice more of the useful stresses, and harness their full power
  • Easy ways to change your mind’s set-by-accident patterns, replacing the discomfort with the way you’d rather feel
  • How to evict an unpleasant sensation (such as anxiety or pain) from your body
  • Finding your emotional-neutral, so that you can respond calmly to whatever’s going on
  • How to change your brain’s chemistry, breaking the hold which traumatic or inescapably stressful experiences used to have over you, and easing away unpleasant responses

My anxiety had been building for ages.  I wasn’t sleeping well, and I had to force myself to get up in a morning – it felt like a big fist, knotted in my stomach.  My throat always felt tight and often sore, affecting my voice.  If I had to go out, even to meet friends, I’d get so worked up that sometimes I wouldn’t go at all.

After only a few hours with FAST Pathways, life is AMAZING.  I feel calm and light, I’m sleeping much better, with no problems getting up and going.  I’m going out without giving it a second thought, and enjoying myself when I get there.  The knotted fist feeling is completely gone.”  Belinda, Wigan

The Foundations course also includes a comprehensive collection of tips and insights, delivered every few days by email, to help you embed your FAST Pathways skills even more effectively.


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I’d a long history of anxiety and depression, and on top of that, I was getting over bereavement from my partner.  I’d been pushing myself to keep going, but I wasn’t coping as well as I’d thought. 

My symptoms were escalating again – I couldn’t concentrate, I’d had to stop looking after my grandchildren, and I was struggling to function at all normally.  The thought of sliding back into my symptoms just made me panic.

FAST Pathways was a revelation – I’ve learned to quite literally, change my mind.  That downwards slide which I’ve experienced so many times before, isn’t inevitable.  It wasn’t long before I was an actively involved Grandma again.  I’m sleeping better, comfortably getting out and about; and it’s lasted.”  Jean, Lancashire