FAST Pathways Course - Ditch the Fear, and THEN Do It Anyway

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A little fear can be exciting, even exhilarating; and it’s useful – by making you pay attention, it can keep you safe.  When something scares you, but you push through that fear and achieve, it’s hugely satisfying.  Perhaps that’s why the mantra ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ is so popular.

But what when that fear’s just too big to ‘Do it Anyway?’ – when you just can’t face it, no matter what?  Or even if you do manage to push through it, the fear’s still there, and it shows?  Stops you giving your very best, stops you from enjoying the experience….

That’s when it’s best to have something more than willpower and determination to rely on; and that ‘something else’ is what we explore in this course.  The skills to switch off the fear, deep inside your thinking, and harness your mind’s full power, to prepare for challenging events and difficult conversations.

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn in this course

  • The surprising ways our fears can be created
  • How to shield yourself from unpleasant people
  • How to prepare comfortably for challenging events and difficult conversations
  • The secrets of mental rehearsal, used by the top performers in Sport, Business and the Arts
  • The secrets of centring
  • How to use your brain’s chemistry, neutralising unhelpful memories of when things went wrong, to get that out of your way

It wasn’t the being in the air which bothered me - it was more about not being able to control it.  Feeling trapped….. It was affecting my life, as in every job, I’ve been asked to travel to Hong Kong/ Paris/ China/ Bangladesh/ Berlin ... I’ve usually managed to avoid going; but when I have gone, I’ve had a horrendous time with panic and anxiety, in the airport and during the trip.  It’s been the deciding factor for handing in my notice before now.

I hadn’t had a personal holiday abroad in over 5 years:  I’d booked holidays with friends, and lost all my money, because once I was in the airport check-in I couldn’t handle it – I went home. 

I’ve just returned from a trip to Lithuania - I didn't freak out in the airport! I was a little nervous beforehand, but I did it comfortably.  Thank you so much – these simple techniques have enabled me to travel comfortably”  Amber, Lancashire

This course continues building on the skills within the FAST Pathways Foundations - if you're new to FAST Pathways, please CLICK HERE to go to the Foundations course


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“When I worked with Sue, I’d recently started my own business, and I was struggling to action any of my plans for growing it.  I really wanted to build partnerships with other local businesses – but every time I thought of having the conversation, I got so stressed out that I found a way to put it off.  Again…..

With Sue, I imagined those conversations, designing it to go exactly the way I wanted.  The next day, I had the conversation for real, and got exactly the outcome I’d hoped for.  Months of procrastination and anxiety overcome in minutes.  Since then, my business has continued from strength to strength.”  Louise, Merseyside