FAST Pathways Course - Building Lasting Resilience

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Life misbehaves - throws up the unexpected….  Stuff you’ve got to deal with that you’d really rather not do.  But the longer you leave it, the more it can get you down.   

Your resilience is how you deal with it, and it's defined in many ways.  One of my favourites is ‘bounce back ability’.  I get that – the sooner you’re back up from a setback, the better. 

But what if fewer things got you down, to have to bounce back from?  What if you took more of those setbacks in your stride, without even noticing them?  Making the best of what’s already working, as well as easing away what’s not.  Harnessing your mind’s fullest skills, to create the kind of life you can’t wait to dive into.

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn in this course

  • How to naturally boost your emotional immune system, for greater inner resilience
  • Sleeping restfully
  • Sending your unhelpful mind’s eye pictures far away, and scrambling your mind chat
  • Re-connecting with your own experiences and strengths, to make the best of all that you are
  • Borrowing resources from others, to fast-track your own learning
  • Using your brain chemistry, to programme in the way you want to feel
“My first year at Uni was really tough.  My girlfriend and I had gone there together, so I didn’t make new friends and settle in.  When we split up, I felt completely isolated.  I didn’t feel comfortable going out, even though I used to be really confident with new people and places.  I just wanted to get that back, and make a fresh start.  Even when I was on my own, my head was full of irrational thoughts which I couldn’t control.

Through what I’ve learned with Sue, I’ve been able to let go and ease away the anxiety.  I had some big decisions to make about my future, and it’s helped hugely, being able to make them calmly.  I’m really looking forward to a full-on fresh start, back to being the me I used to be”  Simon, Wirral

This course continues building on the skills within the FAST Pathways Foundations - if you're new to FAST Pathways, please CLICK HERE to go to the Foundations course


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“I'd suffered from a few close family bereavements, and was feeling tired, stressed and anxious, worrying about caring for my family in the future, and with my finger on my self-destruct button through mindless eating. My resulting poor health meant I needed help to find my way again.

After a very short course with Sue, and following some very simple steps,  I’m calm.  I’m controlling my overeating, by enjoying food for the right reasons - hard to believe from someone who always had their face in the trough!

I’m so pleased to wake up and  face the days with optimism instead of dread.  I was extremely sceptical at first and didn't think my angst-ridden inner voice could ever be subdued, but it is now busy concentrating on things that matter, and leaving me to think clear thoughts.  I will always be grateful to Sue for her help.” Jane, Wirral