FAST Pathways Course - Easing Away Worry and Overload

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How often do you start your day wishing it wasn’t time to get up yet?  The feeling of dread as the alarm goes off, deepening as you think of what the day holds, because it’s not much to look forward to.  You end up dragging yourself out of bed because you have to, carried along on a tidal wave of stuff to do.

How often do you reach for wine, chocolate or comfort food to help you switch off, feeling like that’s the only way you can get some distance from the day you’ve had?  Or zone out in front of the TV, and before you know it, it’s time for bed and starting over again?

In this course, we explore having less of those days, and more of the ones when things come together.  You’ve a spring in your step – ready for what’s ahead.  Now I know that seems idealistic, but I’m going to introduce some things that you may never have experienced before. 

FAST Pathways works by making small adjustments to your thinking, to take life more smoothly in your stride.  To cope more easily with challenges, and stay at your best.  To get the results you want, quickly and for good.  

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn in this course

  • How there’s more to your thinking than you’re doing on purpose
  • Breaking down the overwhelm, to spot what you can most easily resolve
  • How to stop run-away thinking and repetitive worrying
  • Fine tuning your inner guidance, making it much easier to say “No”
  • Changing your perception of time, so that life feels less pressured

“When my business took a downturn, I had to make two of my staff redundant - and when one of them went to tribunal, it got ugly.  I’d followed the correct process, but she kept on coming back with more and more accusations.  It was playing on my mind all the time, and I wasn’t sleeping.

With FAST Pathways, I learned to imagine pulling all the discomfort from my body, screwing it into one big ball, and booting it into the sea. It feels good, and I love to enjoy the ocean view, as the sun sinks to the horizon, turning the sky to fire. 

It’s so quick, and any time I noticed discomfort, I could do it again.  I started sleeping, and I could plan each step calmly as the case dragged on; rather than just wanting to wish it all away.  I still use the technique, and it still works just as well.”  Karen, Southport

This course continues building on the skills within the FAST Pathways Foundations - if you're new to FAST Pathways, please CLICK HERE to go to the Foundations course


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As a driving instructor, I have to be assessed every year.  The assessor sits in the back seat with his clipboard, and I dreaded it!  It should have been no big deal, but each year I’d dread it more and more as the time approached, worrying about everything which might happen.

It took less than an hour to ease all that worry away.  There wasn’t a hint of the assessment taking over as it used to.  Weirdly, other things changed too – I stopped always arguing with my teenagers, and a couple of weeks later, I was looking so relaxed that a friend asked whether I’d had a facelift!”  Debbie, Wirral