Supporting Your Organisation's Mental Wellbeing

Whether it shows up as feeling anxious, frustrated, overloaded or upset, your people experience countless stresses every day - and not all that stress is bad.  

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As long as it's matched by the resources for dealing with it, stress can bring out your people's very best, giving them energy instead of draining it away.  

But when someone's stress outstrips those resources, it becomes unpleasant and disruptive - for both them, and your business. 

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There are two ways to avoid that happening....

Reduce the Stress to keep it below the problem threshold.  Great when it’s possible, but it’s not always an option.  There's little you can do about the stresses from outside work, and even those related to work can be difficult to change.


Increase the Resources to raise the threshold. FAST Pathways is a comprehensive skills programme, designed to boost resources by changing the way your people experience stress, so they can maintain it below that disruptive problem threshold, keeping stress useful. How it works

When the FAST Pathways Skills Have the Biggest Impact

  • Your organisation’s facing change, and you want to equip your people to embrace the challenges and opportunities as smoothly as possible 
  • You’ve noticed some early warning signs of adverse Mental Health, so you want to support those affected, and ensure that others don’t start to experience similar issues 
  • Difficult relationships are impacting your business performance, and you want to up-skill your staff to deal with them more smoothly 
  • You have a Mental Health Strategy, and you’d like to strengthen the foundations of your people’s Wellbeing

Equipping your people with the skills to deal smoothly with adversity is one of the most powerful ways to promote Mental Wellbeing across your organisation.  Giving you more of their best, more of the time.

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