Supporting Your Organisation's Wellbeing and Performance

With UK-wide sickness absence for stress anxiety and depression up by 23% in a single year (HSE), effectively supporting your people’s mental wellbeing matters more than ever.  Reversing this trend needs investment in prevention as well as in supporting those experiencing mental ill-health, and a successful wellbeing programme can improve your organisation’s performance, bottom line and reputation.  There are two ways we can help you make Wellbeing work...  

       Supporting your programme design and delivery                             


Embedding the skills to resolve and prevent the most common forms of mental ill-health

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To embed wellbeing within the organisation’s culture and maximise your return on investment


    To give you more of your people's best, more of           the time 

With as little as an hour’s training, the skills we work with have stopped people from resigning to avoid difficult working relationships, enabled the return to work after repeated absences, and underpinned numerous creative solutions to what seemed unsolvable issues.  How it works…

When Our Support Has the Biggest Impact

  • Your organisation’s facing change, and you want to equip your people to embrace the challenges and opportunities as smoothly as possible 
  • You’ve noticed some early warning signs of mental ill-health, so you want to support those affected, and ensure that others don’t start to experience similar issues 
  • Difficult relationships, overload or resistance to change are impacting your organisation's performance, and you want to up-skill your staff to deal with them more smoothly
  • You’re providing support for those experiencing mental ill-health (e.g. line manager MH awareness, access to mental health first aid or EAP support) and you want to strengthen your offering around prevention.
  • You’re designing your wellbeing programme, or you’re up and running but struggling to get traction, and want to make it robust 

Equipping your people with the skills to deal smoothly with adversity is one of the most powerful ways to support better mental wellbeing and improve your organisation's performance

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