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However talented, dedicated or experienced they are, every one of your event attendees deals with stress, uncertainty and change every day: Competing priorities, difficult customers, tight deadlines… Or non-work issues, like relationship problems, adverse health or money worries. They’ll take most of those challenges in their stride. But the more they build up, the more they impact performance.  So how do you keep your people on top form? 

Sue specialises in changing mindsets and behaviours, empowering audiences to develop more resourceful thinking, and unlocking their ability to

  • Worry less about things they can’t influence,
  • Sleep better, and make better decisions,
  • Solve problems and communicate more effectively,
  • And to perform more consistently, even through uncertainty, challenges and change

During more than 10 years of delivering to around 25,000 people, from many different types of organisation, Sue's average session satisfaction score is 9.2 out of 10. 

Attendees choose a situation they want to feel better about, and score how they feel about it.  After exploring the first few skills, they score it again

Training Scores Graphic

The average discomfort halves

 You can explore some of the most typical outcomes at

Content is tailored to each audience's specific needs, and every session includes bespoke video and copy to help you promote the event. 

How often have you learned something new, but didn’t use it right away?  By the time you really needed it, you might have forgotten all about it, and the learning’s lost. Our online library gives delegates 24-7 after-session access to the resources they need, to refresh and add to their skills when they’ll make the biggest difference.

Speaking at TEDx Nov-23  

Exposing the lie - changing your relationship with stress

Click opposite to watch the talk I delivered for TEDx Warrington, based on one of my most popular topics "How to Keep Stress Useful"

Changing Your Mind Voice - live streamed to 15,000 people


Introduction to 'Ditch the Fear and Then Do It Anyway'

psa fellow  

I'm a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association - one of around only 70 across the whole of the UK and Ireland.  The PSA is a network of 650+ professional subject matter speakers - if I can’t fulfil your needs, I'll be happy to put you in touch with others.  Click to view the PSA Code of Ethics. 


"Making Wellbeing Work" delivered at the Disrupt HR Conference.  This was a particularly challenging format - exactly 5 minutes, with slides automatically changing every 15 secs. I like to practise what I teach - it was a venture beyond my comfort zone, so the skills I share for keeping stress useful were at the heart of my preparation...  I hope you enjoy watching

Sue's Most Popular Speaking and Master Class topics include

How to Keep Stress Useful

Catching the Curveball - How to Deal with Uncertainty and Change

Multi-Tasking - Magic, Myth or Mayhem?

No Need to Feel It... Ditch the Fear, and THEN Do It Anyway 

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I attended a helpful talk by Sue which helped me to consciously reflect on the stress in my work. She discussed helpful techniques for managing both difficult situations and internal struggles that have proved useful already. 

S Jeffries, BAE Systems


Sue has some really insightful and thought provoking ideas, which she delivers in a really engaging and fun manner. Her sessions on addressing stress are fantastic. Would definitely recommend her if you want to address this as an issue.

P Parry, Heritage Lottery Fund

Sue is fantastic! Charming, excellent presentation, warm, has high positive energy, and has practical advice/suggestions. It really helped me start to fix an issue I had for a long time, stress eating, and give me great strategies.

I tested her advice in the same evening and it worked. I still have moments when I am overwhelmed, but going back to what she suggested restores the balance.  

L Miron, Avaloq Innovation Ltd


Sue is an amazing trainer, speaker and facilitator. I have a short attention span, but Sue’s talk on “Skills to Keep Stress Useful” was was engaging, captivating and intriguing. Her presentation skills are second to none.

The session helped us (me particularly) gain clarity on the biggest drawbacks to managing stress, and the framework for stress success. She impressively kept everyone’s full attention for the entire session - entertaining, yet point driven!  

Churchill Dike, International Institute of Business Analysts