Do Your People Have the Skills to Keep Stress Useful?

Useful’s not how most people describe stress.  But as long as the amount of stress someone’s facing doesn’t exceed their resources for dealing with it, those stresses can bring out their best - the challenges they rise to and grow from, even if they’re not ones they’d have chosen.  The stresses which give them energy instead of draining it away.

More people and organisations are recognising the importance of good Mental Health… Most presentations focus on better ways to manage stress.  But managing's got a really big drawback (see the video below)...

Key takeaways from my Keynote Talks and Master Classes include

  • Fast-acting skills for boosting participants’ Mental Health, increasing their ability to take stress in their stride, often with immediate impact
  • Enriched understanding of the useful stresses, and how to build on what’s already working
  • and powerful alternative strategies to keep stress useful, without having to rely on managing

I’ve spent many years leading improvement programmes, so I understand the challenges of changing behaviours, breaking out of the fire-fighting cycles, and building instead something which really works.

I can focus your people on taking the smoothest, most effective route to lasting results - and not just in the session.  My Conference Keynotes, Master Classes and lunch-and-learn sessions come with complimentary on-line resources, so participants can re-visit, refresh and top up their skills whenever they like.

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Skills to Keep Stress Useful

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Skills to Keep Stress Useful


Introduction to 'Ditch the Fear and Then Do It Anyway'

Sue recently spoke at one our our events and she was fantastic .  Her topic was engaging and thought provoking, and something I haven't seen anywhere else before. She delivered a perfect mix of theory, understanding and reasoning, alongside practical activities the delegates could take away immediately.

From start to finish the process of booking Sue for our event was a pleasure. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sue for your next event.

Liz Hardwick, Founder DigiEnable



Sue is an amazing trainer, speaker and facilitator. Personally, I have a short attention span, but Sue’s talk on “Skills to Keep Stress Useful” was was engaging, captivating and intriguing to listen to. Her presentation and facilitation skills are second to none.

The session helped us (me particularly) gain clarity on the biggest drawbacks to managing stress, and the framework for stress success. She impressively kept everyone’s full attention for the entire session - entertaining, yet point driven!  

Churchill Dike, International Institute of Business Analysts