A Few FAST Pathways Breakthrough Results

We’ve a broad and varied collection of success stories which we love to share.  Here are just a few of those which we feel best illustrate the breakthrough results which the FAST Pathways skills enable.  Lasting outcomes, achieved quickly and smoothly.  Click on each image to open its examples

Box Graphic - Absence stories   Box Graphic - Resignation stories   Box Graphic - Conversation stories   Box Graphic - Performance stories

Is change gathering pace in your business?  Is there always more you could do, if only you had the resource?  With customers demanding more for less in ever-shorter lead times, conflicting priorities are common, and it’s frustratingly easy for wellbeing to slip into the back seat.  I hope these stories have shown working with us is about much more than wellbeing – it can also deliver better performance.  With a single, integrated strategy and action plan, it is possible to have the best of both. 

Diagnostic Graphic -Handshake  

That’s what our Well-Formance Diagnostic is designed to support, resolving those frustrations by giving you a straightforward framework to guide your strategy, aligning the priorities and targeting your resources for maximum impact.  The Diagnostic covers the 6 key areas in which Mental Wellbeing can impact individuals’ and the organisation’s performance, highlighting best practices to build on, and recommending further improvements.

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