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So how did an Engineer, structured and rational, come to specialise in Mental Wellbeing?  

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It was a bit of an accident, initially.  I'd spent nearly 20 years delivering £multi-million change programmes for global organisations, including Corning, Danone and Lloyds Bank (so I'd experienced my fair share of disruptive stresses!).  Then I went on a course to learn more about communication and influence. It changed everything. 

I discovered that without having to change the outside situation, without a step-by-step plan, or even a clear understanding of cause and effect, a few targeted tweaks to the thinking can get completely different results, often instantly.  That took me a while to get used to!  But it fits beautifully with my passion for finding the quickest, most effective route to a desired outcome.   

The more I experienced, the more I started to notice something deliciously familiar.  It’s still Process Engineering, for the thinking.  I spent the next few years learning everything I could, reading, practising and working one-to-one to deliver breakthrough results in resolving many people's stress and anxiety. Distilling those thousands of hours of experience, I created FAST Pathways to share these powerful skills even more widely.

Because I truly believe in every individual’s right to a challenging and fulfilling life, and to every organisation’s right to reap the rewards of building and supporting a capable and motivated workforce.

Stress is a given, and as long as it doesn’t outstrip the resources for dealing with it, it’s useful.  It’s not always easy to resolve the causes, but topping up those resources enables you to take those stresses more comfortably in your stride.  And that’s what FAST Pathways is designed to support.

I’m a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), and became one of the UK’s first Approved Havening® Practitioners, trained in each by the original creators.  I have a Diploma in CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), a combined Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Coaching and NLP; and Institute of Leadership and Management certification as a Mentor and Coach.


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“What Sue taught me has made a huge difference to my life. I no longer suffer from the horrible feelings inside my stomach, making life so much more enjoyable.  I also sleep so much better at night.  I’ve already recommended the FAST Pathways skills to family and friends.”  Gill, Wigan    "My job’s really stressful. It used to build up until easy, normal situations became a big challenge.  With the skills I’ve learned from Sue, I feel so much better, and stronger.  I have the skills to deal with any wobbles.”  Zoe, Liverpool


These skills have completely changed the course of my life – that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing them.  Do get in touch to explore the difference it can make to you, or your organisation


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