Supporting Your Wellbeing Programme

A successful wellbeing programme can improve your organisation’s performance, bottom line and reputation.  But with all the other priorities you’re juggling, it can be tough to find time to design and deliver it.  We’d like to take out some of the legwork…

Maybe your programme's just starting, and you want to maximise the results from the time and money you’re investing.  Or you’re up and running, but struggling to get budget, or finding that in between the buzz of events and awareness weeks, wellbeing slips back down the priorities….  These are common problems, and they’re frustrating!  So how do you get wellbeing really working?  

Routemap (Orgs home page)  

The Wellbeing Programme Routemap and step-by-step Guides are designed to help overcome the common programme pitfalls, by applying Continuous Improvement best practices.  Supporting you to maximise the returns on your investment, and embed wellbeing within the organisation’s culture.  Distilled from nearly 20 years’ experience of delivering organisational change, they’re packed with tips and techniques (and quite a few things I learned the hard way, and wish I’d known sooner!).

The Routemap’s accompanied by 9 best practice guides, designed to support

  • Securing the time and budget you need to get wellbeing right, and keep it prioritised alongside the day-to-day operational pressures
  • Building sustained engagement, from both your leadership and front line, and the momentum to embed wellbeing in your organisation’s culture
  • Spotting and building on what’s already working, identifying the most appropriate activities to further improve wellbeing, and tracking their effectiveness
  • Reducing the legwork - saving you the time, effort and possible frustrations of designing your programme completely from scratch, especially if wellbeing’s one of your many priorities 

Your time’s precious, so we’d like to send you only what’s most useful.  A quick programme Health Check conversation is all we’ll need to select together the most appropriate Guide for you.  

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A Fully Supported Skills Programme

When your people are at their best, they’re brilliant, and we’d like that to happen even more often.  Our programmes are designed to support the best of both worlds - to improve performance without driving your people harder, and wellbeing without impacting day-to-day operations.  We can partner you through the whole process, or target support to the areas where perhaps you haven’t the time or expertise in-house.  We can deliver training completely face-to-face, on-line, or as a blend of the two.  

Understand Current State and Set Direction

  • Facilitated design session with senior leaders to agree programme goals and its fit within the wider Strategy

  • Organisation benchmark survey on the effects of and attitudes towards stress, for comparison with our baseline data, to help guide programme design

  • Quantify the current financial impacts of stress and Mental Health 

  • Agree KPIs and tracking

Plan and Prepare
  • Focus groups to discuss what’s already working and what can be improved, to guide programme delivery

  • Design communications to build and maintain front-line engagement

  • Based on the desired outcomes, select and tailor the learning modules for face-to-face or on-line delivery

  • Participants ‘Before’ assessment, for individual and collective progress tracking

  • Deliver introductory sessions

  • Set up access to on-line resources.  Participants can access all resources through web portal, and / or receive one a week by email

  • Leaders and Champions receive access to the ‘Stress Success Strategy’ guide to help embed the new skills within teams’ day to day life

Embed and Monitor
  • Collect and celebrate successes, building the shared language and ways of working

  • Track agreed KPIs

  • Monthly management review

  • Individual participants’ ‘After’ comparison – collate and report 

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