Performance through Process

How much of your people’s time is spent doing what you hired them to do? 

Process is not a word to quicken the pulse with excitement (unless you’re a little bit odd, like us).  Yet there’s a process for everything your business does, from welcoming new customers to creating your annual reports.  Pretty much any KPI you care to measure, is driven by process.

When they’re working they get little attention, but when processes aren’t at their best, the mistakes and work-arounds become a silent thief of your people’s capacity – leaving less time for what they’re really meant to be doing.  And your KPIs get harder to maintain, let alone improve. You deserve better.

So how do you get things working better, when everyone’s already busy?

Process map  

We can help you to create new and optimise your existing processes by

  • Practical, hands-on workshops - delivered bite-sized, because we know time is tight
  • Improvement programme and project mentoring, to reveal your blind spots and help guide you past the common pitfalls
  • Session facilitation, to help draw out and refine your people’s ideas, and build team ownership

 Keeping the focus on your key business priorities, with clear return on investment