Supporting Your Wellbeing Strategy

A successful wellbeing strategy can improve your organisation’s performance, bottom line and reputation.  But with all the other priorities you’re juggling, it can be tough to find time to design and deliver it.  We’d like to take out some of the legwork…

Maybe you're just getting starting with Wellbeing, and you want to maximise the results from the time and money you’re investing.  Or you’re up and running, but struggling to get budget, or finding that in between the buzz of events and awareness weeks, wellbeing slips back down the priorities….  These are common problems, and they’re frustrating!  So how do you get wellbeing really working?  

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The Wellbeing Strategy Routemap and Best Practice Guides are based on nearly 20 years’ experience of leading transformational programmes and organisational culture change; including a programme which more than doubled site productivity, and delivering £1.9M waste reduction in under 5 months (from a £500 budget).  It was messy and complicated, there were lots of competing priorities, and it required engagement and behaviour changes to make it stick.  

The Routemap and Guides are packed with things I wish I’d known sooner, to help you avoid the common pitfalls, and target your limited resources for maximum impact.  To cut through the complexity, and take out some of the legwork of making mental wellbeing work.

The Routemap’s accompanied by 10 best practice guides, designed to support

  • Securing the time and budget you need to get wellbeing right, and keep it prioritised alongside the day-to-day operational pressures
  • Building sustained engagement, from both your leadership and front line, and the momentum to embed wellbeing in your organisation’s culture
  • Spotting and building on what’s already working, identifying the most appropriate activities to further improve wellbeing, and tracking their effectiveness
  • Reducing the legwork - saving you the time, effort and possible frustrations of designing your strategy completely from scratch, especially if wellbeing’s one of your many priorities 

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Routemap Heading - Vision & Purpose


Is where you lay your foundations for success, by developing a shared understanding how wellbeing affects productivity, quality, reputation, customer service…...  You agree your wellbeing aims, draft your business case, and carry out your baseline audit to help you set the priorities. 

Routemap Heading - Select & Plan   Is about choosing the best-fit activities for what you want to achieve, and planning your delivery for maximum impact

Routemap Heading - Deliver & Measure


Is about how you do those activities, and how you track their effects, so you pinpoint what’s working to build on it, and you find what needs tweaking to deliver those desired outcomes.

Routemap Heading - Embed & Sustain  

Is where wellbeing becomes fully part of the culture, part of the every day behaviours and interactions.  You’re celebrating successes, and maybe applying for awards.  You’re repeating your audit to see how well you’ve done against the priorities which you set, and updating them for the next phase of activities.  So that you can run the whole cycle again, getting better every time.

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