What is FAST Pathways?

Welcome to a powerful programme of skills for better mental wellbeing, designed to resolve and prevent anxiety, disruptive stress, and depression.  Supporting wellbeing’s so much more than just the right thing to do – it underpins almost every aspect of performance.  People are the heart and soul of every thriving organisation, and we like them to thrive too.

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Every organisation’s unique – your strengths and challenges, achievements and aspirations.  You understand your world, and your people.  So we work hard to blend our expertise with yours, crafting each programme to meet your specific needs, and to fit comfortably within your wider strategy.  

Because however you measure your organisation’s success, one of its most important foundations is to equip your people with the right skills - to deal smoothly with the challenges, and embrace the opportunities of an ever-changing world.

What differences would it make across your organisation  

  • If people were able to park nagging worries to stay focused on the day’s demands 
  • If differences of opinion stayed constructive instead of conflict festering or escalating
  • If instead of resisting the uncertainty of change, people were comfortable to embrace its opportunities
  • And if everyone came to work after a good night’s sleep, no matter what’s going on in their life?

These are just a few of the typical outcomes which the FAST Pathways skills support, enabling more of your people’s best, more of the time.

To explore how the FAST Pathways skills work, and how they’re different from most wellbeing approaches


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