Performance through People

Your people are amazing – one of your biggest business assets.  Some of the time….

Because no matter how talented, dedicated or experienced they are, every one of your people deals with stress, uncertainty and change every day: Competing priorities, difficult customers, tight deadlines… Or issues from outside work, like relationship problems, adverse health or money worries. They’ll take most of those challenges in their stride. But the more they build up, the more they impact performance.

The FAST Pathways Academy equips your people to stay at their resourceful best, no matter what’s going on.

Breakthrough results

With as little as an hour’s training, these skills have stopped people from resigning to avoid difficult working relationships, enabled the return to work after repeated absences, and underpinned numerous creative solutions to what seemed unsolvable issues.  Explore some of our typical outcomes

Master Class participants choose a situation they want to feel better about, and score how it makes them feel.  After the session, they score it again.

Training Scores Graphic

 The average discomfort halves

Library   How often have you learned something new, but didn’t use it right away?  By the time you really needed it, you might have forgotten all about it, and that learning is lost. 

Our library of on-line resources stops that from happening, by giving our learners 24-7 access to step-by-step guidance to a range of powerful techniques, so they can refresh and add to their skills when they’ll make the biggest difference.