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Successful organisations equip their people with the skills to do their role well. But one of the most powerful, flexible skills your people can develop is often overlooked or taken for granted. Their ability to deal with uncertainty and adversity. We ask our trainees to think of something which stresses them, and score how it feels.  After training they score again - the average discomfort halves

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How often have you learned something new, but didn’t use it right away?  By the time you really needed it, you might have forgotten how to do it well.  Our library of on-line resources gives our learners 24-7 access to step-by-step guidance to a range of powerful techniques, so they can refresh and add to their skills when they’ll have most impact.  And as most of the skills take around 10 minutes to learn, there’s no need to invest lots of time or practice to achieve breakthrough results.

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Pathfinder Access

Designed to embed the skills with the broadest impact, to support better sleep, concentration, problem-solving and flexibility.  The skills are chosen to help bring (and keep) the system off high-alert, increasing the ability to deal with the most common day to day stresses more smoothly.

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Builds on the Pathfinder skills, including ways to neutralise disruptive emotions like fear and frustration, to reduce the experience of overload, to improve both confidence and willpower, and to prepare effectively for challenging events and conversations.  This access level is most appropriate for adapting to change (workplace or personal), and for those in front-line leadership roles.

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Trailblazer Access

Includes access to the entire library of skills resources, webinars and master classes.  In addition to the outcomes above, it’s designed to help resolve overwhelm, build lasting resourcefulness and resilience, and equip delegates to resolve entrenched conflict, and smoothly deliver step change (their own, or within the organisation).  This access level is best suited to those in or developing towards leadership or high-pressure roles, who’ve previously experienced mental ill-health, or who are experiencing significant change.  

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Number of skills




Learner-optional online master classes

5 x 15min

4 x 30min

6 x 30min

Online Deep-dive master classes



4 x 1h

Recommended delivery duration

1 - 2 weeks

4 weeks

10 weeks

Learner time commitment

2.5 hours in total

1h per week

2.5h per week

To explore how the FAST Pathways skills work, and how they’re different 


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