One-to-One Support

For people in high-stress roles, with specific development needs, or those already experiencing Mental Health challenges, one-to-one support can be the fastest and most effective route to those breakthrough results.  It’s not counselling or therapy, and often requires much less time than these approaches.  Typically, one to three 1 hour sessions have delivered outcomes including

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We prefer to work face-to-face, but depending on the type of support needed, on-line sessions may also be possible.  CLICK to explore more of our successes

  • Resolving on-going conflict or personality clashes
  • Building confidence to deliver presentations or take on new responsibilities
  • Resolving a wide range of anxieties, which had previously resulted in avoiding important work-related interactions, turning down promotions, or even resigning from previous roles
  • Overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Resolving a trauma which had been causing flashbacks and panic attacks, resulting in work absences
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