One-to-One Support

For people in high-stress roles, with specific development needs, or those already experiencing disruptive stress, one-to-one support can be the fastest and most effective route to breakthrough results such as

  • Embedding the ability to resolve a problem stress, even when the situation causing it can't be changed
  • Reducing feelings of overload
  • Training the mind's auto-pilot, so results last without having to keep on doing anything differently
  • Enriching understanding of the useful stresses, and how to use them more effectively

Typical FAST Pathways outcomes include

  • Sleeping better and waking up with energy; so that instead of feeling drained, your people are ready for the day
  • Rather than stressing out or avoiding them, comfortably standing up to (or ignoring) someone who's  previously hurt, pressured or undermined them
  • Dealing with the unexpected, instead of dreading every new development in whatever's going on
  • Re-charging effectively during time away from the challenges - to get through them, without getting worn out
  • Comfortably approaching things which used to be terrifying - like presenting and public speaking, tests and exams, or dealing with challenging conversations
  • Reducing the reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms (like wine, chocolate and caffeine)
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