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Looking after yourself means making sure the total load you’re experiencing (your worries, frustrations, upsets…..) doesn’t exceed your resources for dealing with it - the resources you have within yourself and beyond.  The FAST Pathways Academy resources are designed to boost those inner reserves.

Each skill takes around 10 minutes to learn.  Please listen only when it's safe to let your mind wander, and for the best experience, listen with headphones.  Before exploring each, choose a specific situation that you want to feel better about.  It doesn't have to be the most challenging, just specific enough for your underlying thinking to learn a new pattern.  And when you've found what changes work best, repeat that exact sequence a few times to set the new pattern to automatic.  

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Click the Guide Book image to open 'The Problem Solvers' Guide to Keeping Stress Useful'

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Keep noticing the differences (and celebrating!) as your thinking evolves.  You're welcome to get in touch and let me know too...

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