Skill Resources - Too Much Mind Chat

When you’re worried, anxious or upset, that voice in your mind can have a huge effect on how you're feeling.  If you find yourself experiencing low confidence, or being self-critical, that’s probably mostly to do with your inner voice too.  It might be that you’ve learned to suppress it, so it doesn’t always reach your awareness; but by grumbling away underneath, it’s still affecting you.

Maybe you talk yourself out of things you’d really like to do; or beat yourself up after a conversation that didn’t go so well, about what you should have said and didn’t, or did say and wish you hadn’t… Maybe it’s someone else’s voice playing through your mind – the memory of an argument, or some unpleasant criticism. There might just be too much mind chat, and you’d like to be able to quieten it down to focus on what you're doing, or sleep more restfully. 

So let’s explore some simple ways to change your inner voice.

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