A Few Skills to Change Your Thinking

To compliment the stress converter process, here's a small sample of the most flexible of the skills to change your thinking.  Each is a short step-by-step audio-guided exercise, designed to help you neutralise those problem stresses, getting your system off high alerts, and you back to feeling more comfortable and creative. 

For each skill give yourself about 10 minutes, somewhere quiet where it's safe to let your mind wander.  For the best experience, listen with headphones.  Think of something specific which you want to feel better about (your mind learns new patterns much better when you get specific).  And when you've found what changes work best, repeat that exact sequence a few times to embed the new pattern.   So click an image to dive in....  

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Improving your Organisation's Wellbeing and Performance

As leaders, it can be tough balancing all the demands on our finite resources - and incredibly frustrating if wellbeing starts to get overtaken by the day-to-day operational needs.  But what if you could balance the best of both worlds?

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Our Well-Formance diagnostic is designed to help you navigate that complexity more smoothly, with a straightforward framework to guide your strategy, targeting your resources for maximum impact.  

The Diagnostic covers the 6 key areas in which Mental Wellbeing can impact individuals’ and the organisation’s performance, highlighting best practices to build on, and recommending further improvements.

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