The FAST Pathways Academy - Performing Under Pressure

No matter how talented, dedicated or experienced they are, every one of your people deals with stress, uncertainty and change every day:  Competing priorities, difficult customers, tight deadlines… Or issues from outside work, like relationship problems, adverse health or money worries.  They’ll take most of those challenges in their stride.  But the more they build up, the more they impact performance.

The FAST Pathways Academy equips your people to stay at their resourceful best, even when the pressure’s on.  Our bite-sized online skills resources work without needing ongoing practice to maintain the results.  Because let’s face it, setting new habits can be tough - most of us don’t consistently do what’s good for us, especially when we’re already feeling stretched or overloaded. 


FAST Pathways is designed to boost your inner resources, so you can start to feel and perform better, right away.

Each skill takes around 10 minutes to learn.  Please listen only when it's safe to let your mind wander, and for the best experience, listen with headphones.  Have a look at the intro videos above, then dive on in...

To access each skill's resources, click on its image below

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Are You Responsible for Your Team's Performance?

I hope you don’t mind me asking, how well are your team hitting target?  What would you say is the most common reason people give for having trouble?  Because the Academy skills resources can deliver breakthrough improvements. 

To find out the difference it can make to your team’s performance, we might have an available slot for a test drive – we only offer a couple each month.  So if there’s someone who you know has an issue, I’d love to see if one or two of the skills would match up with it, and I could show you how the skills work.

If you’ve someone in mind, I we can set up a zoom session to walk them through a couple of the skills, and get some feedback.  I’ll be really interested to see what happens as a result.  Then a couple of weeks later, I’ll check in with you on how their performance has been.

A one-to-one is usually £245, but I’d be happy to do a one-off test drive on the basis that you give me feedback.  So the pressure’s on me to deliver – you get it free of charge, and if I don’t get a good result, there’s no case story to share.

To explore our next available test drive, Get in Touch