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Have you ever struggled to get support for a great idea, or to change mindsets or behaviours (other people’s, or even your own)?  Those stalls and false starts can be soooo frustrating!  How much more could you get done, and how much easier would life be if the changes you want actually stuck?

Get ready to boost your powers of persuasion…

In over 20 years spent delivering transformational change (and more than doubling productivity in two different International organisations) there’ve been so many days when I’ve gone home thinking “Just give me a bigger wall to bang my head against!”.   And yet when that change really sticks, the difference it makes feels amazing.

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This Masterclass is packed with insights and shortcuts that I wish I’d known sooner, to help you deliver change – for yourself or within your organisation – that sticks.

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How do you stay at your best, even when the pressure's on (and get more smoothly through those head-against-the-wall days)?

Explore 3 of my favourite skills for helping to keep you at your most resourceful, even when life's no co-operating.