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A little of what you'll learn in the FAST Pathways Foundations

  • How to direct your mind’s full power towards what you really want
  • Easy ways to change your mind’s set-by-accident patterns, replacing the discomfort with the way you’d rather feel
  • How to evict an unpleasant sensation (such as anxiety or pain) from your body
  • Finding your emotional-neutral, to respond calmly to whatever’s going on
  • How to change your brain’s chemistry, breaking any hold which past experiences had over you, and easing away unpleasant responses

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What You'll Learn in Easing Away Worry and Overload

  • How there’s more to your thinking than you’re doing on purpose
  • Breaking down the overwhelm, to spot what you can most easily resolve
  • How to stop run-away thinking and repetitive worrying
  • Fine tuning your inner guidance, making it much easier to say “No”
  • Changing your perception of time, so that life feels less pressured

What You'll Learn in Ditch the Fear, and THEN Do It Anyway 

  • The surprising ways our fears can be created
  • How to shield yourself from unpleasant people
  • How to prepare comfortably for challenging events and difficult conversations
  • The preparation secrets of top performers in Sport, Business and the Arts
  • How to use your brain’s chemistry, neutralising unhelpful memories of when things went wrong



What You'll Learn in Building Lasting Resilience

  • How to naturally boost your emotional immune system, for greater inner resilience
  • Sleeping restfully
  • Re-connecting with your own experiences and strengths, to make the best of all that you are
  • Borrowing resources from others, to fast-track your own learning
  • Using your brain chemistry, to programme in the way you want to feel