Your Wellbeing Business Case

Delivering an effective wellbeing programme can be tough when you've so many other priorities to juggle, and struggling for budget makes it even harder.  The Wellbeing Programme Routemap and Guides are designed to make wellbeing easier to manage, and effective in supporting a smoother running organisation.  Are you

Just getting started on wellbeing, and you want to design your programme for success from the start?


Up and running, but hitting problems like patchy engagement or difficulty getting budget?


Curious to explore best practices to make your already successful mental wellbeing offering even more robust?

'Your Wellbeing Business Case' is one of the ten Strategy Routemap resources, designed to help your leadership team to develop a shared understanding of the financial costs and capacity impacts of mental wellbeing, and potential returns of investing in wellbeing. 


Business Case Model 

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Routemap - Business Case

User Guide

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