Skill Resources - Mental Rehearsal

This is a technique widely used by top performing Sports people.  There are few things in life which require as much preparation as Olympic competition; but the same thinking skills will help you prepare for success, whatever you want to achieve. Mostly, when people think about what they want, they focus on the outcome, imagining what it’ll be like when they have it.  This is daydreaming, and it’s not giving your mind the specific instructions of how to get there. 

Mental rehearsal is different, in that you focus your attention on the process of achieving the outcome, rather than on the outcome itself

Sometimes, it can be too big a step to imagine doing the thing straight away.  In this exercise, you’re going to design your chosen event going exactly as you want it to - firstly fine tuning all the details as an outside observer, before you then step in and experience it, as if it’s happening.

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