The Effect of Mistakes in Your Business

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Blog Post - Effect of Mistakes

When one of your people makes a mistake, how long does it take to fix?

Perhaps they forgot to file a report on time, and someone has to chase it.  Or they mis-entered data on a spreadsheet, so it needs sifting through to correct.

Let’s say that on average each mistake takes 30 minutes to fix, and each person makes two a week. Doesn’t sound a lot, does it? 

Except that fixing time is equivalent to needing a whole extra member of staff for every 40 people you employ. 

We’re human. We make mistakes. They happen when we’re tired because something we’re worried about is keeping us awake, when we’ve had a run in with someone and it’s still rumbling through our thinking, distracting us.  They happen when we’ve fourteen different things competing for our attention.  We’ll never eliminate mistakes, but we can reduce them.

Because those mistakes are likely to be more frequent, and more severe if you’re people aren’t feeling on top form.  It's one way that an effective wellbeing strategy underpins improving your organisation’s performance.

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