The Wellformance Audit

How do you improve both performance without driving your people harder, and wellbeing without impacting day-to-day operations?  This audit gives you a straightforward framework to navigate that complexity and get the best of both worlds. 

Mental wellbeing, your people’s state of mind, has so many effects on your organisation’s day to day performance, KPIs and customer experience.  Levels of creativity and innovation, resistance to change, quality of decisions, levels of mistakes and conflict are all impacted if your people aren’t on top form.  But with so many ways for better wellbeing to support a smooth-running organisation, it can be difficult to know where to target your improvements.


The audit explores these six synergies between mental wellbeing and performance, with clear scoring criteria for each.  It’s designed to help you as a leadership team, to

  • Build shared understanding of the effects of wellbeing, helping you to set clear priorities, and to target your wellbeing activities for maximum impact
  • Identify what’s already working on which you can build, saving you time and energy
  • Record your baseline against which to measure your progress

For a single payment of £49

How it Works

  • Your chosen stakeholders (ideally 8-12 people from your Leadership team) complete the audit questionnaire, which takes around 15 minutes
  • We collate the responses and compile your confidential Wellformance Report and Recommendations
  • To inform your decisions on Wellbeing Strategy and activity plan

With typical returns on Wellbeing investment of £5.20 for every £1 spent (Deloitte National study findings), the Wellformance Audit helps you to target your Wellbeing resources for maximum impact.