How not to Waste Your Money on Wellbeing - Masterclass and Resources

As we navigate out of the Covid crisis, budgets are tighter than ever.  But it’s not just the finances which have been stretched – so have your people.  With 36% of people reporting that the crisis has worsened their mental wellbeing, it’s a vital topic for businesses to address.

So how do you support wellbeing most effectively?

This brand new masterclass explores  straightforward ways to improve business performance through better mental wellbeing.  With step-by-step resources for creating your effective wellbeing strategy, putting wellbeing at the heart of a smoother running organisation 

Masterclass - How not to Waste Money on Wellbeing  

Waste can be sneaky, inserting itself into almost everything your business does.  Leaking away time, money and effort, and eroding your results – and your wellbeing activities aren’t immune.

Waste is a topic close to my heart. I’ve spent many years taking it out of processes and systems, making huge step change improvements in many operational KPIs, and saving quite a few £millions along the way. 

In this masterclass, we’ll explore the seven common Wellbeing Wastes, equipping you avoid them.  So that you can maximise your returns, making your wellbeing offering robust and effective

With average returns on investment in Wellbeing of £5.20 for every £1 spent, it’s a powerful way to create competitive advantage in our uncertain after-crisis world

Access the Masterclass recording and resources for only £18