Wellbeing & Performance - Getting the Best of Both in your Business

Effective wellbeing can improve your bottom line, and create a competitive advantage that’s difficult to copy. Your effective wellbeing strategy gives you the best of both worlds – improving performance without driving your people harder, and wellbeing without impacting day-to-day operations.

These resources are designed to help you create your strategy, and build the support to make it stick.


Let's explore the different ways wellbeing affects performance, long before it escalates to someone going off sick.




Let's get clear on the financial and capacity costs of wellbeing, and the potential investment returns.

What does the model look like for your organisation?  Click the Excel image opposite to download, and update with your own data.


So far you've explored wellbeing's performance effects, and discussed your priorities. 

You've understood the financial impacts and investment returns, and put together your business case.

So your strategy's already well on its way.  Let's look at what else you need to get wellbeing working.



Download the Wellbeing Strategy Routemap information pack here


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