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Teaching’s a stressful profession.  Even before Covid, 1 in 5 teachers expected to be leaving the classroom within the next 2 years because of it.  Now your workload's grown even more, catching your students up on the learning they may have missed. You’ve got students back in class who hadn’t been there for 6 months, and might not be behaving as you’d like.  You might be dealing with stressed-out parents, who act like it’s all on you.

And somehow in the middle of it all, you're trying to look after yourself too...  So here's something to make that a little easier.


If you’re relying only on changing what’s causing you stress, you’re probably going to end up stuck. I’ve supported a lot of people who’d got stuck, and got them past it.  And here, I’ll show you how - to equip you with some of the skills to be able to deal more smoothly with those demands, without getting stressed out.  

Each skill takes around 10 minutes.  Please listen with headphones, when it's safe to let your mind wander.  Have a look at the intro videos above, then dive on in...  To access each skill's resources, click on its image

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In as little as an hour’s training, the FAST Pathways skills have resolved repetitive worrying, boosted confidence and resilience, improved sleep quality, stopped people from resigning to avoid difficult relationships, and enabled the return to work after repeated absences.  

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