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Successful organisations equip their people with the skills to do their role well. But one of the most powerful, flexible skills your people can develop is often overlooked or taken for granted. Their ability to deal smoothly with adversity. We ask our Master Class participants to think of something which stresses them out, and score how it makes them feel.  After training they score again - the average discomfort score halves

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No matter how talented, dedicated or experienced they are, every one of your people deals with stress every day:  Competing priorities, difficult customers, tight deadlines; or issues from outside work, like relationship problems, health challenges or money worries.  Any one of these has the potential to seriously affect an employee’s wellbeing and effectiveness.  But there’s more to stress than its down sides...  Stress becomes a problem when the total amount someone’s facing exceeds their resources for dealing with it. 

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Below that problem threshold, where it’s matched by the resources, the stress can be really useful. In our National Survey, 36% of people said they enjoy the stress of their role.  These useful stresses bring out your people’s very best.

Our interactive Master Classes and online modules are designed to build those inner resources, raising the problem threshold so that your people can take more of their stresses smoothly in their stride. To embed the skills to keep stress useful, and improve Mental Wellbeing across the organisation. 

How often have you learned something new, but didn’t use it right away?  By the time you really needed it, you might have forgotten how to do it well.  Our library of on-line resources gives our learners 24-7 access to step-by-step guidance to a range of powerful techniques, so they can refresh and add to their skills when they’ll have most impact.  And as most of the skills take around 10 minutes to learn, there’s no need to invest lots of time or practice to achieve breakthrough results. Topics include

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Skills to Keep Stress Useful 

Stress Success Strategy (for Leadership teams) 

Making Change Stick 

Mastering Important Conversations 

Get-It Goals

Training can also be accessed completely on-line, for maximum flexibility and anonymity (a common barrier to effective support).  Colleagues learning the FAST Pathways skills also develop a shared language, becoming better able to signpost and support each other through challenges.

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