Skills for Stress Success - Slowing Time

When you’re feeling overloaded, there never seems to be enough time for all the things you need, or want, to do.  When you’re stressed, time can seem to fly even faster, with so much competing for your attention.  When you’ve a lot to get done, the overwhelm building, and the worries about how you can possibly fit it all in; even that worrying itself takes up more time.

You already know that time’s not always as it seems – when you’re dreading something, every minute seems to last an age as you keep checking the clock, just wishing it was over.  Or when you’ve had to sit through something soooooo boring that you struggled to keep your eyes open, as it dragged on forever. 

Yet when you’re having great fun, it can seem to fly.  The difference between them is simply thought, and adjusting those thoughts can make what you experience so much pleasanter. This section of the FAST Pathways exercise shares one way to slow time down, expanding the gaps between the seconds, giving you time to think, or to rest.  Giving you the chance to get back to your productive best.  

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