FAST Pathways Taster - Run Away Thinking

Like all the FAST Pathways audio-guided exercises, this contains some hypnotic content, to help you access those not-on-purpose parts of your thinking.  So please listen only when it's safe to let your mind wander - not when driving (or as a passenger in a car), or when doing anything else which requires your attention.  You'll still be aware of your surroundings, and you'll be fully able to respond if you need to.  So put on your headphones, find somewhere comfortable, and relax....

When you think of any situation, the way it makes you feel can have a lot to do with the way you picture it in your mind.  But you don’t have to change what’s in the picture (what you’re thinking about), to feel much better.  Changing the picture’s characteristics (its size, movement, colour, focus….) can have a massive effect; and that can be so much easier than trying to change the picture itself.

This exercise introduces new ways to reduce those mind pictures’ disruptive effects:  It’s most useful when you’re feeling like everything’s been building up:  Worrying, re-playing things in your mind (perhaps things which haven’t gone the way you wanted), or the same thoughts coming up, over and over. When your mind runs away with you, it can be exhausting; so here are a few ways to do it differently. 

stress express (colour)
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