FAST Pathways Taster - Quick Re-Set

This is one of the most powerful FAST Pathways techniques for getting back to your emotional neutral, quickly and smoothly - so that you can decide how to repond to (or ignore) a situation without feeling dragged into or overwhelmed by it.  It works best little and often, keeping your background stress levels lower, so that even when something happens to cause a stress peak, you remain comfortably able to deal with it.

Like all the FAST Pathways audio-guided exercises, this contains some hypnotic content, to help you access those not-on-purpose parts of your thinking.  So please listen only when it's safe to let your mind wander - not when driving (or as a passenger in a car), or when doing anything else which requires your attention.  You'll still be aware of your surroundings, and you'll be fully able to respond if you need to.  So put on your headphones, find somewhere comfortable, and relax....

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