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I help organisations to keep stress useful, because not all stress is bad. As long as it's matched by the resources for dealing with it, stress can bring out your people's very best - the challenges they rise to and grow from.  

But when someone's stress outstrips those resources, it becomes unpleasant and disruptive - and that can damage almost every aspect of your business performance.

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There are two ways to stop that from happening....

Reduce the Stress It makes sense, but it might not be possible.  There's little you can do about the stress from outside work, and even the work stresses can be difficult to change.


Increase the Resources, giving your people the skills to take more of the stresses smoothly in their stride.  That’s what the FAST Pathways programme is designed to do.  Read more

Equipping your people with the skills to deal smoothly with adversity, wherever it's coming from,  is one of the most powerful ways to promote good Mental Health across your organisation.

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How we can support you

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Kept below that problem threshold, stress can drive even better performance.  Stress Success Strategy is a straightforward framework to get more of your people’s best, more of the time.

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  Mental Health issues typically cost £1,300 per private sector employee per year, and £1,735 per employee in the public sector

What’s stress costing your organisation? 


  My Talks, Conference Keynotes and Wellbeing Event packages give your audience insights, and simple practical tools to get problem stress out of the way, right away. 


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