Ready to Start Feeling Better....?

Are you tired of trying to manage stress?  Worn out with trying to keep on top of everything? 

You're about to discover something deliciously different

In just 10 minutes, this step-by-step audio guidance will show you how to start getting back on track, easing away some of that stress, and starting to feel better.

Not all stress is bad – a lot of the challenges you face  give your life meaning.  But when the stress outstrips your resources for dealing with it, then it gets unpleasant. 

There might be little you can do to reduce the stress itself, but topping up your resources can keep it below that problem threshold.  Helping you to take whatever life’s throwing at you more smoothly in your stride, keeping you in control.
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Imagine putting on your headphones, and feeling that stress start to melt away. And not just while you’re listening. Because you'll programme stress-less deep into your thinking, so it can carry on all by itself.


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What will you notice first, as the stress starts to dissolve?

  • Finding it easier to sleep, waking up with more energy, ready for whatever the day might bring
  • Getting through the challenges, without getting worn out
  • Having back the time which you used to spend trying to manage the stress, free for the things you love

I've supported so many people who've soldiered on, sometimes for years, not realising there's a much easier way.  I invite you to experience for yourself, the power of something different.

"My GP recommended me to try FAST Pathways because I was starting to find things a struggle.  My confidence had taken a dive, affecting my social life; and I’d often feel like crying for no reason.  Right from the start of the programme, I’ve felt like I’m taking back control, something’s lifted.  I can happily look in the mirror, without self-loathing.   

It feels like a whole load of baggage just isn’t there any more – things which had been there all my life.  I’m much more relaxed, and worrying a lot less.”  Julie, Wirral 

“I was having a really tough time – anything and everything seemed to make me anxious. My confidence was rock bottom, and I’d feel put down by the way people spoke to me, especially my super-controlling in-laws.  I was pretty good at putting myself down too. 

I’d no idea what to expect from working with Sue, but she made it so easy.  She’s taught me some amazing skills.  The in-Laws don’t intimidate me like they used to, now that I’m comfortable to stand up for what I want.  I can be me, be natural, without always putting on a brave face.  I’m getting back to the person I used to be, and it’s still evolving."  Rachel, Merseyside

"My son was being bullied, both at school and during his sports training sessions. It really had an effect on his confidence in himself and his abilities. Before school and training, we used some of the FAST Pathways techniques, and now he is back to being a happy, confident boy who doesn't let anyone shout or push him around." Charlotte, Liverpool

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