Free Resources - Skills to Keep Stress Useful

As an employer, it’s not always easy to free up the time or cash for training.  But equipping your people with the skills to deal smoothly with stress, wherever it's coming from, is one of the most powerful ways to promote good Mental Health across your organisation.

So I’ve designed a FAST Pathways Taster e-training to share three powerful ways to change stress responses, deep inside the thinking.  The training’s delivered by email for complete flexibility, and with the step-by-step audio guidance, each of the skills takes only around 10 minutes to learn. 

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week, I’m offering you access for as many staff as you like, completely free.  Key take-aways from the training include

  • How to get quickly and smoothly back to emotional neutral, no matter what’s going on
  • How Helium could be the key to calm
  • How to deal more smoothly with difficult people
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake which almost everyone makes

How does it work?

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