How Much is Stress Costing Your Organisation?

The government-commissioned report ‘Thriving at Work’ shares comprehensive data on the costs to employers of Mental Health issues:  The annual cost of Mental Health to private sector organisations (absence, presenteeism and resignations) is quoted as between £1,119 and £1,481 per employee. 

So for an organisation employing 100 staff, the annual costs would average £130,000

For the public sector, these averages increase to a total cost per 100 employees £173,550 per year.

The financial cost of stress to your own organisation can take time to work out.  Time that's not easy to find when you're busy - so let us do some of the legwork for you, by creating your organisation's complimentary Financial Cost of Stress Report.  CLICK HERE to see an example report

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To receive your complimentary report, simply

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  • We'll ask you a series of simple questions about your organisation - and if you don't have time to answer them right away, we'll email you a link to complete them when you're ready
  • We'll prepare your report and email it to you
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