The Problem Solvers' Guide to Keeping Stress Useful

In a typical week, how much time do you spend worrying about things you can't influence, feeling under the weather after a bad night's sleep, sorting out errors that happened (or opportunities you missed) while you were distracted by something that's bothering you, or psyching yourself up to take on that new responsibility, tackle that difficult conversation, or whatever else is stretching you beyond what's familiar?

Now multiply that amount of time by the number of people you work with - how much does it add up to for the whole organisation?  This straightforward guide is designed to help you start getting back some of that time, and the energy that goes with it.  

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We'll explore the process for dealing with the common day-to-day challenges, converting more of those stresses into the ones which give you energy, instead of draining it away. Helping you to reduce the overwhelm, and get back to feeling comfortably on top of whatever's going on; and promoting better Mental Wellbeing and engagement across the organisation.

As you explore the guide, to experience a few of the skills to change your thinking CLICK HERE

Supporting your Wellbeing Programme

A successful wellbeing programme can improve your organisation’s performance, bottom line and reputation.  But with all the other priorities you’re juggling, it can be tough to find time to design and deliver it.  We’d like to take out some of the legwork…

Maybe your programme's just starting, and you want to maximise the results from the time and money you’re investing.  Or you’re up and running, but struggling to get budget, or finding that in between the buzz of events and awareness weeks, wellbeing slips back down the priorities….  These are common problems, and they’re frustrating!  So how do you get wellbeing really working?  

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The Wellbeing Programme Routemap and step-by-step Guides are designed to help overcome the common programme pitfalls, by applying Continuous Improvement best practices.  Supporting you to maximise the returns on your investment, and embed wellbeing within the organisation’s culture.  Distilled from nearly 20 years’ experience of delivering organisational change, they’re packed with tips and techniques (and quite a few things I learned the hard way, and wish I’d known sooner!).

The Routemap’s accompanied by 9 step-by-step guides, looking at everything from building your business case to celebrating success.  Your time’s precious, so we’d like to send you only what’s most useful.  A quick programme Health Check conversation is all we’ll need to select the most appropriate Guide for you.  

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