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A bit of worry can make you pay attention to what needs to be done.  But it’s less useful to keep on worrying about things you can’t do anything about, or to keep on feeling uuuurgh when you’re already taking the action that’s needed. 

You might try to reassure yourself, but  get rid of one worry , and another pops up.  In this Taster, we explore a few ways to take away those worries' potency.  So you can respond comfortably and resourcefully to whatever’s going on.


Whether it’s a test, interview, presentation, or visit to the dentist, you sometimes have to face situations which you'd rather not. You might worry about it going wrong.  You might focus your thoughts on the outcome, imagining what it’ll be like when you have it.  This doesn't give your mind specific instructions of how to get there.

This taster explores the skills of top athletes and performers, for getting ready comfortably, and giving it your absolute best


Encountering life’s bullies and mood-hoovers can cause problems.  Consciously knowing that it’s silly to feel hurt or angry, doesn’t take the feeling away.  Sometimes it can even amplify it, as you get frustrated or upset at yourself, as well as at them. 

This Taster explores the skills to maintain feeling centred, strong and shielded; so that instead of knee-jerk reacting, or avoiding the difficult relationship, you’re able to comfortably respond appropriately.


Reflecting on experiences, and learning from what didn’t go so well enables you to evolve and improve.  But sometimes, the past becomes more tenacious,  holding you back.

In this Taster, we explore a few ways to leave behind unpleasant experiences; including the revolutionary technique of Havening® for releasing the emotional linkages which had become encoded inside your neurochemistry.