FAST Pathways Referral Partnering

How many of the people you know get stressed out or anxious?  Whether it's something at work or in their personal life, it's easy to get knocked off form - and is it builds, it can get pretty miserable.  But it doesn't have to...

FAST Pathways is a comprehensive programme for resolving stress and anxiety, building lasting resilience.  Referral partnering is really straighfoward - simply introduce us to your clients or contacts, and we'll do the rest.  There's more information in our partner brochure - CLICK HERE to open


For Organisations - When you introduce us to an organisation, we’ll meet with them to explore how FAST Pathways can work for them.  As with every client, we’ll work closely with them to design a bespoke programme to meet their needs; tracking and sharing their results.

When they make their first on-line programme purchase, you receive 15% commission

As an example - you introduce an organisation who take the programme for 100 staff, at £195 per person, earning you £2,925 commission

For Individuals - You’ll receive unique links to a FAST Pathways opt-in page, which can include your branding.  Share these links, inviting your contacts to experience free content.

You can share links by email, social media, your website, leaflets or posters – and we can even provide you with templates for each.  Because your links are unique, everyone who opts-in will be identified as your introduction - you don't need to do anything else

When someone who you introduced purchases their first E-course, you receive  15% commission 

CLICK HERE  for the Partner brochure




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Notify on lead = You receive an email when someone opts in from your link.  Notify on sale = You receive an email when someoneo opted in from your link, makes a purchase
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