A Powerful Alternative to Managing Stress

How many of the people you know always eat healthily, exercise regularly, stick to the recommended alcohol consumption, and drink the recommended amount of water every day….? I'd be surprised if it's many....

We don’t always do what’s good for us, even when we recognise the problems it causes – and that’s the biggest drawback of trying to manage stress.  It requires doing something different, consistently…  When you stop, the stress builds right back up again.  A lot like yo-yo dieting, and just as ineffective.

The FAST Pathways skills work inside the underlying, automatic thinking, so the Mental Health benefits last without having to keep on doing anything differently.  CLICK to view a summary of each of the 4 modules key learning areas.

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Because the full power of resilience goes much further than managing stress, positive thinking, or bouncing back from the setbacks.

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