A Powerful Alternative to Managing Stress

Don’t get me wrong, managing’s better than not doing.  But after a long career taking waste out of organisation’s processes and systems, building improvement cultures and saving £millions along the way, it frustrates me to see so much time and effort being wasted on approaches which might work, but might just become hard work.  

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Managing stress focuses attention on the disruptive, uncomfortable stresses; and unfortunately what we focus on we notice more of (which you might have experienced if you’ve ever tried telling yourself to stop worrying about something…).  It mostly ignores what’s already working – a significant missed opportunity.  But when you shift focus to the useful stresses and their benefits, you start to notice more of those too. 

But there’s an even bigger drawback to trying to manage stress.... We all know that we’re supposed to eat our five fruit and veg, do our 10,000 steps, drink at least  7 glasses of water each day, and not exceed the recommended amounts of alcohol.  But how many people do you know who stick to it, every day? We don’t always do what’s good for us.  And that’s managing’s biggest drawback.  Because whatever method you choose, it requires doing something new, consistently enough to maintain the results.  

FAST Pathways is different.  It’s designed to embed powerful strategies to resolve disruptive stress, deep inside the thinking, maximising resilience without having to keep on doing anything differently; often resulting in worrying less, sleeping better, feeling less overloaded, and dealing more smoothly with challenging relationships.

Our programmes are structured to be light-touch – most of the skills take around 10 minutes to master, delivering breakthrough results without lots of practice or repetition.  We have a wide library of on-line resources, designed to keep the learning fresh and relevant, enabling our learners to dip in and access just what they need as they encounter new stresses and challenges. 

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