A Powerful Alternative to Managing Stress

How many of the people you know always eat healthily, exercise regularly, stick to the recommended alcohol consumption, and drink the recommended amount of water every day….?  I bet it’s not many.

We all know these things are good for us, but we don’t all do them.  Or at least, not consistently enough to maintain the results.  And it’s the same with trying to manage stress.

Whatever method you choose, it means doing something different, consistently…  When you stop, the stress builds right back up again.  Like yo-yo dieting, it’s not a long-term solution


The FAST Pathways skills are designed to embed powerful strategies to resolve stress, deep inside the thinking, maximising resilience without having to keep on doing anything differently – often resulting in people worrying less, sleeping better, feeling less overloaded, and dealing more smoothly with challenging relationships.

When Can the FAST Pathways Skills Have the Biggest Impact?

  • Your organisation’s going through change, and you want to reduce resistance and give your people the skills to adapt to it more smoothly, embracing its opportunities
  • You have a few employees already struggling with disruptive stress.  You want to support their recovery, and reduce the ripple-effects of that stress on their colleagues
  • Difficult relationships are impacting your business performance, and you want to up-skill your staff to deal with them more smoothly
  • You have a Mental Health Strategy, and you’re looking for innovative trainings to make an even bigger impact on your people’s Wellbeing
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Because the full power of resilience goes much further than managing stress, positive thinking, or bouncing back from the setbacks

What differences do these skills make? Sample a few of the many FAST Pathways Successes

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