Powerful Skills to Keep Stress Useful

No organisation or individual would expect to be successful without investing in the required skills, and one of the most powerful skills to develop is the ability to deal smoothly with adversity and stress.

Because stress is a given, and it's not always bad.  As long as it's matched by your resources for dealing with it, that stress can be useful, giving you energy instead of draining it away, and bringing out your very best.  FAST Pathways is a carefully crafted programme of skills designed to maximise those resources, building on what's already working, to keep your stress in the useful zone.

For completely bespoke support, we can work together face to face or via Skype.  Or for maximum flexibility, there's the comprehensive on-line programme.


The FAST Pathways on-line programme is presented in 4 modules, each containing bite-sized, step-by-step guidance.  There's no fluff, no faff,  just what you need.  Each  exercise takes around 10 minutes, so even when you're busy, it's easy to fit in

And with no sessions to schedule, or group calls to attend, you decide when it's convenient

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Key features of the FAST Pathways programme

  • Builds the resources, raising the problem-stress threshold
  • Embeds the ability to resolve a problem stress, even when the situation causing it can't be changed
  • Trains the mind's auto-pilot, so results last without having to keep on doing anything differently
  • Enriches understanding of the useful stresses, and how to use them more effectively
  • When provided for employees, there's complete privacy and anonymity:  No one knows who’s using what on-line resources, and there’s no need to work with anyone else (e.g. a counsellor), removing this common barrier to engagement

Typical FAST Pathways Outcomes

  • Sleeping better and waking up with energy; so that instead of feeling drained, you're ready for the day
  • Comfortably standing up to (or ignoring) someone who's  hurt, pressured or undermined you
  • Dealing with the unexpected, instead of dreading every new development in what's going on
  • Unwinding more easily, without reaching for wine or chocolate
  • Re-charging in your time away from the challenges - to get through it, without getting worn out
  • Comfortably approaching things which used to be terrifying - like public speaking, an exam, or going to the dentist
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"Stress used to really floor me – there were times when the dizziness was so bad, that I’d have to cancel all my appointments and just lie down. 

But after I’d had to pull over my car and be taken to hospital, because I couldn’t see properly, I knew I had to do something.  I spent a few hours on FAST Pathways, and I’ve stopped always looking for the next problem.  I’m still just as driven, but I feel cleansed somehow.  It’s made such a big difference"  Lesley, Southport


"I was feeling tired, stressed and anxious, with my finger on my self-destruct button. My resulting poor health meant I needed help to find my way again.

After a very short FAST Pathways course, I’m calm.  I’m so pleased to wake up and face the days with optimism instead of dread.  I didn't think my angst-ridden inner voice could ever be subdued, but it is now busy concentrating on things that matter, leaving my thinking clear."  Jane , Wirral


“The skills I’ve learned have completely changed my confidence in myself.  I hated walking into a room full of people and dreaded doing presentations.  My manager’s noticed the difference, as I now enjoy meeting new people, and see the busy room as a chance to network. I love standing up and presenting!” Charlotte, Liverpool